The tax bill signed into law, and supported by my opponent, is not democratic. Cutting taxes on corporations over real middle class families is theft. It has been proven that trickle down economics doesn’t work - the economy grows from the middle out, not the top down. I support a tax plan that has everyone paying their fair share, and not one that makes the rich richer and stifles the middle class. Republicans like Rob Wittman want to put money in their own pockets, and the pockets of their corporate donors, not in the pockets of 90% of Americans.

While my opponent voted to give billionaires a $1.5 trillion dollar tax break over 10 years he has the audacity to look his constituents in the eye and tell them there isn’t enough money to dredge Davis Creek in Mathews County. Meanwhile, there is plenty of money to dredge the parts of the waterway that are used by multinational corporations who line the pockets of my opponent and his lobbyist friends from Wall Street.

It’s time that tax savings be invested in blue collar families, not billionaires.

I agree with Ryan!