No elected official, at any level of government, should have a say in what happens between a woman and her doctors. I will protect Planned Parenthood, which provides affordable healthcare to women of all ages. I trust my wife and daughter to make better decisions about their own bodies than I trust President Trump and Congress. Enough of the relentless attack on women making decisions about their own bodies. I am proudly pro-choice and pro-women. When in Congress I will stand up to bills such as TrumpCare that raise rates for all women but especially for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, have had a C-section, or even women who were the victims of sexual assault. I will also fight to close wage discrimination against women throughout this country, an issue that Republicans in Congress refuse to acknowledge.

In my two years as Chairman of Prince William County Schools we have increased teacher pay both years. Teachers deserve more, that’s for sure. It’s also important because 75% of teachers are women. You can’t convince me that if 75% of teachers were men we’d be talking about underpaid teachers. A woman’s work is no less valuable than a man’s.

I agree with Ryan!