I am asking you to send me to Congress where I will fight for you and your family. That position will allow me to have top-notch health care. Every American should have access to that same level of health care, not just elected officials. The ACHA (TrumpCare) vote was a disgrace. Every member of Congress who voted for TrumpCare needs to be replaced including my opponent. TrumpCare raises premiums on Americans who are diagnosed with cancer, who are pregnant, who are older than 50, veterans, and women. In some cases these premiums will be raised by more than $140,000. Military veterans will also see a tax credit taken away and those with pre-existing conditions will be thrown in a “high-risk pool” where healthcare will be made unaffordable. One of those pre-existing conditions is rape. Here’s how bad it is: This bill actually promotes not reporting a sexual assault for fear that healthcare will be unaffordable. Disgusting. This bill discriminates against older Americans, women, and anyone born with a medical condition. TrumpCare is an offense to who we are as Americans.

Premiums, both before Obamacare and after, are much too high. That’s why I support a single payer plan that will expand Medicaid and finally bring premiums down. I will fight for a plan that allows the government to negotiate with Big Pharma to reduce drug prices. Access to good healthcare is a basic human right. And nobody should go bankrupt because they get sick. Let’s put medical decisions where they belong --- between you and your doctor.

I agree with Ryan!