I graduated from college with about $30,000 in debt and I consider myself lucky. The student debt bubble is about to burst. Too many of our college students are buried with overwhelming debt from the moment they leave high school. Some never get out. Instead of paying back the government, or a student loan shark, with interest, they should be using their new education to invest in their profession, their start-up business, or a new home --- all of which create jobs.

As your Congressman, I will be in favor of free college for working families. Having spent 16 years in public schools and public colleges as a student, I am testament to the power of affordable, publicly subsidized education. Let’s help young Virginians by making it easier for them get the most valuable job-getting tool in 21st Century America: a college education. While young people are sinking further and further into debt, our government turns a profit. Our government should be a helper, not a loan shark. Make no mistake. We are at a crisis point, but we can act now.

I agree with Ryan!