I grew up in a rural area and I know that we usually felt left behind. We need to expand broadband internet services to our rural communities including the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. When we do that, we need to hire residents from those areas to run the lines and maintain them to keep good paying jobs in rural America.

There is no excuse for any part of Virginia, a commonwealth home to some of the most technologically advanced companies and governmental agencies in the world, to lack for broadband internet access. As your Congressman, I will expand high-speed internet access to everyone, including Americans living in Virginia’s rural communities and in towns in every corner of our beautiful country. In 2018, not having access to broadband internet--a proven gateway for employers, employees, rural schools, hospitals, agriculture, and small businesses of all kinds--is a tremendous disadvantage. Access to broadband helps our children with their homework, helps our farmers produce their goods, helps doctors make better decisions, and helps our small businesses advertise their products to the world. I will make expanding rural broadband throughout the First Congressional District a priority.

I agree with Ryan!