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"I am running for Congress in Virginia's First Congressional District because it’s time to fight for the American family values that I was raised on. Where I grew up we knew it was wrong to let our neighbors go bankrupt because of medical bills. We know that our neighbors who work full time deserve to be paid a fair wage so that all hard-working American families can put a roof over their head and food on their table. We need to ensure that the Chesapeake Bay is kept clean for future generations of Virginians and that our farmlands aren’t destroyed by unrestrained energy companies. We need to protect and defend those who are building their American dream regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or who they love.

I am running for Congress because it is time that we fight for those values for Virginia’s First Congressional District."

Ryan Sawyers is a husband, a father, and a small business owner. He was the first Democrat elected to the Prince William County School Board Chairman’s seat and he currently represents all 450,000 residents of Prince William County.

Ryan is a former college baseball coach, including three seasons at the University of Mary Washington, a volunteer Little League President, and an avid home cook who loves to smoke BBQ for his friends and neighbors.

Ryan has degrees from West Virginia Wesleyan College and West Virginia University.